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Financial Planning for a Comfortable Retirement

Scott Lunsford has been in the insurance and financial services business since October 1988. His experience and dedication will keep your money growing and it will not be exposed to market risk. If you have left your employer and have a 401k, Scott will advise you on what you can do to keep that retirement account safe and keep it growing for future income. Financial planning is about building wealth without risk and Scott will work diligently to help you along the way. A Financial Planner’s goal is to help you take control of the money that flows through your life, and The Lunsford Agency will teach you how to become your own personal banker.

Financial Planning

Are you fed up with the ups and downs of the stock market?

Is your bank paying you a fair rate of return?
Are your fees having an unfair impact on account balances?

You owe it to yourself to enjoy a stress-free retirement with a sufficient  nest egg.


The Lunsford Agency’s Financial Planning Philosophy:


Asset Preservation - Keep what you've got.

Tax Control - Don't pay tax on money you aren't using.
Outpace Inflation With Your Money - Don't be too conservative.

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How to Increase Your Social Security Benefits

In 2018, $1,404 a month is the average Social Security benefit amount for all workers. This totals $16,848 a year.  That is a substantially low income for the nearly 25% of married couples and the more than 40% of single individuals who rely significantly on Social...

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Required Minimum Distribution Rules

Did you know that 2.1 million baby boomers will celebrate their 70th birthday this year?  This fact is relevant because the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) instructs that such individuals begin taking Required Minimum Distributions (RMD) from their retirement plans at...

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Four 401(k) Rollover Mistakes You need to Avoid

401k Rollover mistakes can be challenging. Have you ever contemplated rolling your 401k or another retirement fund from one financial establishment to another financial establishment? Regardless of whether it is for higher earnings, a more significant assortment of...

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What is a Variable Annuity?

A variable annuity, similar to any other annuity, represents a legal contract with an insurance carrier. There are two components within the annuity. There is an investment component and an insurance component. Let's start by looking at the investment component of a...

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What is an Annuity – Annuities for Beginners

An annuity is an investment product offered by life insurance companies. Most individuals think of an annuity as a financial investment; however, when you buy an annuity, you are actually purchasing an insurance policy. Here, we will answer a very popular question,...

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Retirement Planning for Lifetime Income

It’s certainly safe to say that most adults are concerned about having enough money invested for a comfortable retirement. Yes, if we downsize to just the bare essentials, many of us can retire with what we’ve invested in Social Security, but that road is a bumpy one...

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Complete Your 401(k) Rollover Like a Pro

So, you’ve landed your dream job with greater income, your desk is packed and, you’re ready to embark on this fabulous new chapter in your life.  However, you forgot about one detail.  How will you handle your 401(k) rollover? Check out Our Step-by-Step Guide to...

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The IRA Explained

The individual retirement account (IRA) is a method for saving money in either a tax-free or tax-sheltered manner. There is a handful of different types of IRAs with each having its own rules, contribution limits, and benefits for the account holder. The IRA...

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Saving for Retirement – 5 Easy Tips

Are you concerned about your retirement plan and your nest egg? It's common for anyone approaching retirement to wonder about how much they have saved — and are wondering if their savings will endure. Whether you haven't begun or life just seems to have gotten in the...

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5 Important Rules for Annuities

Just like with most other investment options, it’s essential to realize what you are purchasing before you sign your name on the dotted line. This is one of the few reasons why so many individuals shy away from annuities; they can be somewhat complicated. However...

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