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Being Safe is OK

It’s your money and you have a lot of choices as to where it should be invested to best serve your needs. As you near retirement, or if you are retired I would suggest a portion of your money be in a position of safety. Trying to regain what you once had is not advisable in our retirement years. An annuity is a great place to park some of your money. You can receive up to double digit returns in today’s low interest rate environment. If/when the market crashes you have the comfort of knowing this account is safe and still growing.  And when the time comes to start withdrawing money from your annuity, you have plenty of options. An annuity is like having your own personal pension plan.

You worked hard for your money and you were (hopefully) a good saver. As the old adage goes; let your money work hard for you. If you like the idea of safety, no fees, steady growth, and creating an income you cannot outlive you would be wise to consider an annuity for some of your money. I can show you different types of annuities and how they will be a great addition to your retirement portfolio.

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