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The Story Of Life Insurance

There is an old story about three horsemen riding across the desert one night. A voice from the heavens told them to…  stop, dismount, and fill your saddlebags with rocks.  They did as they were told. Next they were told… tomorrow you will be both glad and sad. When they awoke the next morning their saddlebags were filled with diamonds and rubies! So yes, they were sad and glad at the same time. They were glad they took as much as they did but sad they did not take much more.

This is the story of life insurance. When death occurs your loved ones will be glad you had some life insurance, at minimum enough to pay the final expenses. But, in many cases sad because much more was needed to pay off other things…the house, college tuition, other debts and finally enough to cover the lost wages. Most people are under insured for a variety of reasons.

I can help you get the right plan of coverage and the right amount. You will never be any younger than you are today so that means the rates are the lowest they will be.

Call anytime to make sure you are properly insured.

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